Okayama Process for Cars Fighting Cancer Program

cars for cancerYou may not know that 1 out of 4 people’s cause of death is cancer. Cancer is one of the main reasons of death in America. Everyday about 1500 people are dying in the country for this deadly disease. If we want to protect our near and dear ones from this deadly disease, it is high time we should come forward to find a permanent cure to this disease. Our “Cars fighting Cancer” program supports the cancer researches around the country.

Cancer researches are expensive and need huge financial support. We collect the money from selling donated vehicles. This money is used to support these cancer researches and various programs which are supporting cancer patients to fight against the disease. The treatment of this disease is very expensive. You need a lot of strength to fight against the disease as the treatment process causes various physical reactions.

If you have an old or junk car lying in your garage, you can help the cancer patients to fight against cancer. All you have to do is to fill our donation form and we will take care of the rest. Our professional towing company will arrange the handover process in your preferable time. The towing of the vehicle is free. The donation process is kept simple for the donors. The donation is 100% tax deductible. Our “Cars Fighting Cancer” program supports various research, advocacy, support and awareness programs.

With the donated vehicles, we support the patients through various awareness, supporting and advocacy programs. Everyday 11 children are dying due to cancer in US. This is really a pathetic thing for any country. Not only researches but also supporting cancer patients to fight against cancer is also an expensive process. To raise awareness against cancer various awareness programs run all over the country. All these things need financial support that we provide with our “Cars Fighting Cancer” program.

Men have defeated many diseases since ancient time. It is high time we all should stand up to fight this killer disease. Your vehicle donation into our “Cars Fighting Cancer” program can help many cancer patients to have new hope to fight against cancer. If you have seen someone dear to suffer in this disease, you can pay tribute to their fighting spirit by donating your vehicle in our program. Your small donation can ease their pain a lot and help them to survive.